Let's go to the Beach?

6 Fantastic beaches near our resort that you won't want to miss

We know that Portugal is a destination known worldwide for its historical side, full of cultural jewels, museums and attractions that conquer tourists from all over the world. However, it is also one of the best destinations to visit and see the magnificent beaches that are so impressive for their natural beauty. If you are going to visit us soon, here are our suggestions of the closest and most beautiful beaches around Sal Resort Beach.

Praia dos Moinhos50m (1min)

Praia dos Moinhos, also known as Alcochete Beach, is the closest beach to our resort. It is known for its windmills, currently deactivated, but also for its calm, warm and shallow water. An excellent beach for those seeking to practice wind sports such as Kitesurf and Paddlesurf. Another interesting activity that we often see here, usually the favorite for those who visit us as a family, is the launching of kites of paper.
Praia dos Moinhos is also the stage, usually in mid-June, of the International Festival of Kites of Alcochete (FIPA). Here you can count on demonstrations of acrobatic kites, synchronized flight, night flight, wind gardens, exhibition of Chinese Kites, Kitesurf and among many workshops and workshops.

Costa da Caparica48km (39min)
Costa da Caparica is known as one of the preferred areas for the beach, both for those who live on the north bank and for those who live on the south bank of the Tagus. From the most classic destinations to the less obvious stops, there are sands and tides for all tastes in Costa da Caparica. With an extension of 15 kilometers, you will find in Costa da Caparica many beaches to choose from. We recommend S. João Beach, Riviera Beach, Castelo Beach or Morena Beach, all of them with restaurants and bars ideal for snacking or drinking a fresh drink at the end of the day and enjoying the sunset.

Praia dos Galapinhos, Arrábida - 48km (47min)
One of the most paradisiacal beaches, of which both locals and foreigners fall in love, is without a doubt the Galapinhos Beach, in the Arrábida Mountain - Setúbal. Thanks to its blue and limpid water that takes us to the Caribbean, it was elected by the European Best Destinations site as the best beach in the country, but also as the best beach in Europe in 2017. The access to it is made by trails, during 10 minutes of descent, that leave from the road N379-1 to the sand. A path that is worthwhile and that leads us to a breathtaking view.

Praia do Meco45km (48min)
Praia do Moinho de Baixo, commonly known as Praia do Meco, is another of our suggestions. With a 4km stretch of sand and a sometimes rough and rough sea, it is especially sought, in the southern part of the large dune, for the practice of naturism. The beach is also very known by the restaurant Bar do Peixe, famous for its fresh grilled fish and various types of seafood.

Praia de Tróia-Galé44km (1h30 - inclui tempo do Ferry)
Tróia-Galé Beach is one of the first salt water beaches on the Tróia Peninsula. It has a calm sea and extensive sand, ideal for hiking by the sea. On its right side you can see the charming Arrábida Mountain as well as two large sand banks that form an island on the horizon. Sometimes we can also see some dolphins that live there and that cheer those who watch them on the beach.

Guincho69km (54min)
Finally, we suggest Praia do Guincho, one of the beaches of choice in the Cascais area. Bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, regularly with plenty of wind and waves, it is the perfect beach for surfers and practitioners of kitesurf and windsurf, being here held several world championships of these same modalities. With the Sintra Mountains and the dunes in the background, this beach transmits calm and tranquility to all those who visit it and have the pleasure to enjoy this beautiful landscape. If you enjoy walking, we also suggest that you visit the Cresmina Dune Interpretation Center, a protected area with a walkway, where you can appreciate the fauna and flora in their greatest splendor.