Discover the charms of Alcochete, where every experience tells a story

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Bird watching

Witness the natural beauty of the Salinas do Samouco, an ecological sanctuary where you can observe the most magnificent migratory birds and the ecosystems that exist here in harmony. An experience of total connection with nature.

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Walk through the Salinas

Let the sounds of nature envelop you on this walk through the salt pans, with over 300 hectares to DISCOVER - or take a ride on our bicycles. Discover the salt workers' centuries-old method of producing salt, the region's ex-libris.

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Discover the village streets

In the historic center of Alcochete, each street reveals a story of past and tradition. Between colorful houses and narrow corners, the doors guard the homes of fishermen and sailors, in a living legacy celebrated by the local culture.

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Taste the region's products

Alcochete is a town full of flavors and textures that you can't miss. At the Alcochete Market you can feel the pulse of tradition and browse the stalls selling fresh and organic produce, cheeses, and wines. To (a)taste the richness of the region!

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Take a walk by the river

In the Zona Ribeirinha, the river takes on the role of guide on a stroll along the bank. The terraces are the perfect invitation to contemplate the landscape and feel the cool breeze while enjoying a drink.

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Embrace the adventure

Awaken your more radical side at Praia dos Moinhos, where there's no shortage of aquatic experiences. From stand-up paddle to kitesurfing, a unique riverside setting awaits your visit and spirit of challenge.

Alcochete Abrace A Aventura

The best sunset in the village

Let yourself be amazed by this natural spectacle in our outdoor spaces or on the sandy beach, privileged settings for this sunset. And to make this moment even more delicious, why not take advantage of Omaggio's takeaway service with our handmade fresh-crust pizzas? The final touch!

Alcochete O Melhor Por Do Sol

Horse riding on the beach

For a truly unique experience, horse riding in Praia do Rosário awaits you, promising truly heart-warming and unforgettable memories in the tranquil rhythm of nature.

Alcochete Ande A Cavalo

Navigate in tradition

On board the Bote Leão, a typical boat on the Tagus, discover the hidden corners and breathtaking coastal landscapes, where the fauna and flora envelop the whole experience. It is a tour that stands out for the tranquility and authenticity of the region.

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Relax in the Spa

Immerse yourself in a session of relaxation and well-being at our Spa, with a Water Circuit, treatment and massage sessions and various self-care programs to pamper yourself or give to your loved ones.

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Taste the best of Italy

At Omaggio Restaurant, we pay homage to the authenticity of Italian gastronomy, which extends far beyond the usual pizzas and pastas. DISCOVER our artisanal menu, which traces the gastronomic legacy of the entire Italian region through its most famous flavors and dishes.

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Enjoy an afternoon of shopping

Alcochete is home to Freeport, Europe's largest outlet where you can find luxury brands of clothing, footwear, sports, decoration and much more at the most attractive prices. With an open-air structure, set aside a free afternoon for a little whim.

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