We have adopted sustainability as a priority and conscious commitment.

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Free bikes

You can DISCOVER Alcochete on two wheels with our bicycles, which are free for all guests. We encourage walks where the mind is in harmony with nature.

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Salinas do Samouco

We encourage the reuse of bath towels as part of our stay program. Praia do Sal is committed to converting all the water/energy used to wash them into donations for the Salinas do Samouco.

And because preserving is caring, Praia do Sal has officially sponsored Theodora do Sal, our Mirandese donkey calf, an endangered breed that has been carefully taken in by Salinas do Samouco to preserve the species - which they use for ecological vegetation control.

A sustainable garden

At Praia do Sal, you will find some beds with halophytes, native plants in our gardens and supplied in partnership with Salina Greens, promoting biodiversity. Salina Greens products are also available for purchase at our resort - a special and sustainable travel treat.

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Local production

Local produce is part of our resort's ecosystem, and here you can find and buy regional products such as salt, salicornia, Salina Greens products, foga├žas (traditional cake) and liqueurs. The best souvenir.

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Sustainability has a place at the table

We recycle all cork stoppers, coffee capsules and cooking oils, helping to increase the lifespan and reuse of these resources.

And because sustainability is also a key ingredient in our recipes, all our dishes are made from scratch, integrating salicornia and fleur de sel (regional ingredients) into our recipes and carefully selecting local suppliers and partners.

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Comfort with responsibility

We rely on a Portuguese supplier to use eco pumps with refillable dispensers and we adopt eco-friendly cleaning products and LED lighting to minimize any environmental impact.

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Truly green spaces

You'll find several recycling points in the common areas of our resort, watering timers for the gardens, energy from solar panels, hydrokits and faucet timers. All our gardens are also cared for without harmful chemicals.

On arrival, join us in the Zero Paper initiative, with invoices for accommodation, services and official documents being sent digitally. The interiors of Reception favor durable materials and, in the extreme need for printing, we use recycled paper.

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Eco-friendly care

We use coffee grounds in our exfoliation treatments and all the equipment in our gym is eco-friendly, in a total commitment to your well-being and the planet.

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